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TomTom software products must be activated. This means that you need to obtain an Activation code from our website Your activation code must then be entered on your handheld device. This will activate your software. Only once the software is activated, will it function completely.

Your handheld will ask you for activation when you start the software. It will display a screen like this:
The first step to start the activation process is to go to the activation website:

Welcome to the TomTom Product Activation website.
To obtain an activation code, the first thing you need to do is find the product code of your TomTom product. This product code consists of 3 groups of 5 letters and digits, and is located on a sticker on your CD-box.
The next step is to find the product code of your TomTom product. The product code is a code that consists of 3 groups of 5 letters and/or digits. You can find it on a sticker that is located on the CD-box. If you bought the software online, and downloaded it, you received an email containing your product code. The following is an example of a product code:
Note: You should keep this code somewhere safe; you will need it everytime you install (or re-install) the software on your device! Once you have entered the product code on the website, you will see this screen.

Thank you. "DE4GJ DW3PR 65LE2" is a correct product code. You now need to find your device code. This code is displayed on the screen of your handheld device when you start the application.

On this page, you should enter the device code of your handheld computer. This code is shown on the screen of your handheld computer when you start the software. The device code is different for every device, so make sure you use the device code of your own device, on which you want to install the software.

Once you have entered your device code, you will see the following screen:
You can now activate by entering the activation code S2FDP DM0GX CDNSA on your handheld device.

If you experience any problems, please contact our support department.

Note: You can visit this website as often as you wish. It will always display all the valid activation codes for your product.

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This is the activation code required to run the software on your device. This activation code will only enable the software to run on that particular device.

Here you can enter the activation code from the website. The software should now be activated.

Note: Should you ever need to reinstall the software, you can visit the website again. It will again show you the activation code for your device. If you still have questions, or if you have problems activating your TomTom software, contact our Support department.

If you mail us about product activation:

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